Kitchen Cabinets - What Are The Benefits Of Replacing And Re-facing It?

There are lots of homeowners today who can't decide whether they should replace or reface their kitchen cabinets. Whether you believe it or not, the answer to this question lies on your current situation. Well, we will get through the benefits of each to help you come up to a smart decision.

Cabinet Re-Facing

Cost - when you hire someone to reface your cabinets, what they will do is take off the drawer fonts as well as doors. Then after, they are going to install a plastic veneer or wood to the cabinets face frame and side panels. They'll replace old hardware like door knobs and door handles. All of this could be done without removing the countertops, walls and replacing cabinet box.

In general, doing such project requires no permit and for the cost, better prepare yourself as it may likely cost you around 3000 up to 10000 dollars. Of course, this will depend on the size of the cabinets and the materials you want to use.

Time - usually, this process takes lesser time to complete compared to carrying out a complete kitchen replacement. In most instances as well, the job could be done in less than 7 days.

Clean - due to the fact that it does take much demo, this helps in keeping dust as well as debris to minimum.

Cabinet Replacement

Design/Layout - you're given with the option to move things around and redesign the kitchen space.  There is no need to keep the kitchen in its poorly designed state. Now, it could be customized to fit you and your family's specific requirements. Whether you believe it or not, this is a big reason on why people opt replacement over re-facing. If you want to learn more about kitchen cabinets, you can visit

Selections - when you are replacing all kitchen cabinets from this site, you could actually check the quality of new cabinets installed in your house. We used to see customized cabinets on high quality by local companies. Also, they are offering different levels of cabinets to fit wide range of customer's needs.

Options - simply put, you can start with your kitchen fresh from having a brand new cabinet, layout, drawers, pullout and even a wall if you wanted to. The truth is, it's your imagination that will limit you when you have made up your mind to replace your kitchen cabinets.

Check the quality and layout of the cabinet, backsplash, countertops, appliances and sink faucet. As you do, you can make a smarter decision on whether you must do re-facing or replacement of your kitchen cabinet, visit website here!